Summer Reading


By: Mark Manson

A very blunt book by Mark Manson about how he has implemented not giving a F*** in his daily life and advice on how to live similarly. The common theme I found in this book was that you just really need to understand what you value most (or give the most F***’s about) and prioritizing them.

Stealing Fire: How Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists Are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work

By Steven Kotler

This Book was about altered states of the mind, such as Ecstasis, and how they can supplement our daily lives. This book provides examples and research from business leaders, Navy Seals, psychologists, neurologists, chemists, pharmacologists, and action sports athletes in order to understand how to efficiently access ecstasis, or the feeling of flow you get in this altered state.

Key’s to Ecstasis

  • STER –
    • Selflessness
    • Timelessness
    • Effortlessness
    • Richness
  • Warnings
    • It’s not all about you
    • It’s not all about now
    • Don’t be a bliss Junkie
    • Don’t dive too deep
  • Value = Time * Reward/Risk

Favorite Quote:

  • “Experiencing the [STER] (See Above) of nonordinary states of consciousness can accelerate learning, facilitate healing, and provide measurable impact in our lives and work. But we have to revise our tactics to make the most of these advantages.” (220)


These two books had a lot more in common that I thought they would at first. Value was a huge concept in both books that really brought the two together. From TSAoNGaF, prioritizing the things you value was essential to figuring out that it was ok not to be ok some times. That everything is not going to be fine and dandy all the time, that it is in these less than great times where we are motivated to go to great lengths and reevaluate our priority values. Similary, in Stealing Fire, value is essential to obtaining Ecstasis. Once you find this state it is essential to balance it, and stay grounded to make sure you do not become a bliss junkie. Ecstasis is not obtainable all the time and like in TSAoNGaF, being ok with this is critical to it being sustainable.


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