Saturday – June 10th, 2017

This next week of posts are going to be pretty scattered because finals are this up and coming week.

This is going to be a broad post about interesting topics:

  1. Efficient and sustainable farming using AI and vertical farming
    • Pros:
      • Minimized chemicals and pesticides
      • Efficient and maximizing watering methods/ water recycling
      • Maximizing production per acre of land
      • Minimize waste runoff/ controlled. Water treatment
      • Better understanding and predictions of weather conditions and forecasts
    • Questions:
      • Sunlight?: Do the crops on the bottom of the sky scraper get the same amount of sunlight as the ones at the top?
      • Energy costs? If artificial sunlight is needed, how much will this cost in energy
      • spread of diseases? Diseases will spread easy amongst similar crops when in the same atmosphere
    • Cons:
      • Need a lot of data on land, water quality, crop necessities to maximize production, weather, chemicals
      • Need a lot of energy to build, Solar Powered?
      • Farmer jobs decrease, could destroy an entire industry.

More interesting links on Vertical Farming:


  1. Job Stability after automation
    • Manufacturing jobs are no longer efficient. It is more productive and cheaper to create robots that perform specific tasks perfectly: no wage, no human error, no training costs.
      • is it ethical? Ehhh
      • If Productivity increases however, income decreases: Output/ Production is ambiguous. Depending on which is greater will determine outcome on GDP. *Y = C+I+G+NX*
      • Wealth Gap will increase
        • No longer paying workers => inflation increases because demand decreases due to a decrease in income.
        • Although real GDP per capita is increasing, the average median income would remain constant.
      • Prices will decrease due to decrease in Fixed costs and Variable costs thanks to automation
        • will this counteract decreasing jobs/income?



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